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Our New Zealand-based company stocks the best quality Green Barley money can buy. Our healthy Green Barley is great as a dietary supplement is used as alternative medicine and generally great for natural remedies for pain relief, migraines, etc.

Grown in the clean, crisp air of New Zealand, Green Barley will revitalize your body by replacing vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body may be lacking. All of which affect the way we feel. With new viruses appearing, now is the time to act. We all want our bodies in top shape to keep viruses at bay. Weight loss can be another benefit of taking it. Green Barley will get your bodily functions working the way they are supposed to, therefore burning unwanted fat. It also acts as a food supplement, supplying your body with all the goodness it needs while helping you cut down on the consumption of other unhealthy food.

Don’t be led into believing the more you pay for something, the better it is for you. My testimonials will tell you differently. I am making this great product available at an affordable price.

“Our products are top quality and at the best price.”

  • Ordering available over the phone. (E-mail us your phone number, and we will call you to take your order.)
  • Free worldwide delivery for any order of any size.
  • Organic product, you get what you order.
  • Our prices are substantially cheaper than most of our competitors.
  • Dispatch is made within 24 hours of the funds being received and done using our free delivery system.
  • Inquiries are answered promptly and to the best of our ability.
  • Quality control is a top priority and if you receive substandard goods, return them, and we will refund the full purchase price.
  • Secure online ordering, 128bit encryption, a very secure system used by banks worldwide. Pay by credit card, electronic transfer, or cheque.
  • All information sent to us is kept confidential and will not under any circumstances be given to a third party.

Our organic green barley powder is made by cutting and grinding young leaf into powder, Air-drying on a continuous belt dryer; hot water radiators heat the air. i.e., Wet product in one end, dry product out the other, then milling occurs. Shell life for each bottle is around three years.

Recommended directions for intake.

Adults begin with one heaped teaspoon, mixed with either half a glass of water or fruit juice, morning and night, preferably after your last intake of food or drink, other than water, for the next two hours or more. After one week, you can increase the dosage depending on the effects felt. Some may require more and some less. Children require about half of the adult dosage.

Customer Comment:

“Many thanks, Jeff. Just to let you know that I’ve been consuming your Barley green products for quite a while after trying out other similar products available in our local market. Your product is certainly among the best in terms of quality, affordability, and service. It’s just unbelievable that I can order your product right here, and you can ship this out to me in less than three weeks freight free! Keep up the good work! – Larry”

“Dear Jeff, Wow! I checked my PO Box yesterday and was delighted to find my order of Green Barley already. From the postal dates stamped when it was sent and then again when it was received here in Jordan, I see it took only five days to get here! I’m thrilled, particularly since sometimes parcels don’t arrive here at all! I’ve tried it twice since receiving it, and while the taste is noticeably different than the ‘Just Barley’ product I was using before, it is okay. It is rather gritty, however, and I don’t understand why since it dissolves rapidly. But I am delighted to find a source of green Barley which is affordable to me and arrives so speedily. Thank you! Kind regards, Vicki”

“Dear Jeff, This is just a short note to let you know that the three barley grass containers arrived today. Many thanks – Regards – Gerda”

“Many thanks. Parcel arrived at my front door today, Monday, 24th. I was pleased with the product packing and description. I will be placing two further orders shortly. R Lowe”

“Thanks for your acknowledgment. I’ve been a regular user of your product. L B.”

“Hi there, I have been using Aim Barley Green, impressed with your product, great price. It arrived without any hassles. I am switching to your product. Thanks, Heather Perth WA.”

“Hi Jeff, this is to say thanks for the great service. I forgot to put the correct street address on my order to all you customers out there, so it never arrived. I e-mailed Jeff, and he contacted me by phone that night. Once it was sorted, he sent me an extra container of Barley Green for my trouble even though the mistake was mine !. Great customer support, Great product, keep it up; I’ll be back for more. FG Howick Auckland.”

“Thanks for being so quick off the mark; I received my order in about four days – I was surprised to find such big containers as in the UK you pay £8 for a third of a container. I will be regularly ordering from your site from now on. Thanks a lot. Cynthia.”

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