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Green Barley is reported to be one of the finest natural blood builders.
Using Green Barley on a daily basis is said to promote an abundant supply of good quality new red blood cells, capable of carrying life giving oxygen and nutrients to the body's cells as it flows around the body.

Most people do not know the condition of their blood because they seldom get the opportunity to look at it. Most people assume that it flows around the body without problems. However, this is far from the truth as most blood, looked at daily, does not flow, or does not flow properly.
Blood is our life force. Organs, muscles, skin, nerves etc. depend on red blood cells to bring them oxygen and nutrients for maintenance, repair and renewal. If our body parts do not get oxygen and nutrients, we get sick as our cells struggle and die. The functions noticed in tests following the regular use of Green Barle

y were: production of good quality red blood cells, improved circulation, the promotion of a good supply of oxygen to the cells, the removal of poisonous compounds and improved cell membrane transfer of nutrients and waste.
Green Barley has 5 times the vitamin C of oranges, twice the calcium of cows milk and 5 times more iron than spinach. It also contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements vital for proper body function.

Green Barley is a simple, inexpensive method of getting well and staying that way.

The nutritional make-up of Green Barley / 100g                                                    Micronutrients found in the green barley leaf.

Minerals Vitamins Enzymes Amino Acids
Boron Beta carotene Aspartate aminotransferase Alanine
Calcium Biotin Catalase Arginine
Chloride Choline Cytochrome oxidasee Aspartic acid
Chromium Folic acid DNase Cystine
Cobalt Niacin Fatty acid oxidase Glutaminc acid
Copper Pantothenic acid Hexokinase Glycine
Iodine Vitamin A Malic dehydrogenase Histidine
Iron Vitamin B1 Nitrate reductase Isoleucine
Magnesium Vitamin B2 Nitrogen oxyredutase Leucine
Manganese Vitamin B6 Peroxidase Lysine
Nickel Vitamin B12** Peroxidase catalase Methionine
Phosphorus Vitamin C** Phosphatase Phenylalanine
Potassium Vitamin E Phospholipase Proline
Selenium Vitamin F** Polyphenoloxidase Serine
Sodium Vitamin K RNase Threonine
Sulfur Vitamin P** Superoxide dimutase Tryptophan
Zinc   Transhydrogenase Tyrosine
Trace amounts of more
than 50 other minerals
Energy Value 954kj/225kcal
Vitamin E;  1145mg/100g 
Dietary fiber;  36.2g
Folic Acid; 100mg
Calcium; 680mg
Magnesium;  225mg
Sulphur; 310mg
Iron;  18mg
Sodium; 0.07g
Rubidium;  1.5mg
Protein; 13.3g
Carbohydrates; 39.1g
Ash;  8.5mg
Fat; 1.7g
Phosphorous; 380mg
Zinc;  1.6mg
Manganese;  5.5mg
Potassium; 2.9mg
Molybdenum; 2.1mg
Copper;  330mg