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@Nice to see that when someone says 300grams they mean 300grams! The container was full to the brim unlike many others I have purchased. Well done! Cheers Wayne

@Hi Jeff Thank you for sending me the four containers of Green Barley I had ordered earlier this month. I was surprised to get your parcel so quickly. With the Christmas Holidays in between, I had not expected to receive it in the old year. But then, to my big surprise, I got it this morning,  which means, despite the holidays, it took only ten days to get to Switzerland. Thanks and have a great New Year!  Heidi Meyer from Herisau, Switzerland

@Thank you , I received my order of Barley green on Saturday (4 days) I was surprised it was so quick. England is a long way. Thank You. Sylvia.

@Hi Jeff, Ordered my two containers of green barley Sunday last week and they're here in England on Monday morning, thank you. Great product for a good price. I'll probably be back for more. best wishes, Kathleen.

@My apologies for not contacting you sooner - e mail problems, but just to say I received the Green Barley only 8 days after ordering it, and I live in the Isle of Skye, off Scotland - brilliant service! My Mum, who is nearly 80 and has been severely lacking in energy for a few years, is like a new woman after taking this for about 3 weeks now. The change is incredible. I was very wary about ordering from an unknown website but you are as good as your web site says and so is the product, and the price is amazing. I would say to anyone reading this, don't hesitate to order this product - you won't be disappointed. Thank you so much . Denise Ghalebi

@Hi Jeff, Got my order of 11 bottles of Greenbarley on Monday. Super fast I must say. Been taking your product for about 3 months now. I am over 50 yrs old and the amount of energy that I now is beyond belief. More important than energy is that I now have NO PAIN!!!! Everyone who has tried this product has wanted it. Can't say enough about it, The product is truly wonderful. Thank You, Walter Vandall

@My husband and I have been using Aim's Barley Life and just started taking your green barley product. I am very impressed with it. It is half the price of Aim's! It shipped very quickly to us and arrived in great condition. We are very pleased and will continue to use your product. Thanks! Dustin.

@Thank you for the Barley Green Product. It is every bit the quality of the products such as Magma Green, found here but in a much bigger quantity and at a much lower price. The promptness of the delivery was superb, especially since it was coming from New Zealand to the USA. The website is also very good. The only thing I would change there is that people would get an automatic reply when they place and order so they know that it went through all right. Your response to my query about the order was very prompt. This product also appears to be a purer form of the barley leaves. I don't know how you can afford to sell at these prices and pay for the shipping. Keep up the good work, and I will be buying my barley green from you from now on.

@Just to let you know that your product arrived promptly and in excellent condition. I've noticed a bit of an overall improvement in my health since taking Green Barley. Of course it is early days yet so I need to give it time. So, I've ordered my second batch to make sure I get a daily dose. Peadar

@Dear Jeff, Thanks for sending the Green Barley so promptly! I can't tell you how long it took exactly but I think less than a week. Certainly another product I ordered at the same time from the USA hasn't arrived yet. I was delighted to find someone doing international mailing of Green Barley as I tried several websites in the USA and they didn't mail to Europe. Your price seemed much more reasonable than others I saw. The containers arrived in good condition - there was a little green powder on the outside of the containers but that's probably unavoidable. As for the quality of the product, I'm trying it for the first time so I've nothing to compare it with, but it seems fine. It smells good, tastes palatable, and mixes easily so I've no complaints. I'm sure I'll come back to you in the future, but it might take me a while to work through 3 containers! My husband was impressed that you checked my use of his card and I don't remember having any problems with your website. Yours gratefully, Helen.

@The quality of the product that I received was EXCELLENT.  The barley was fresh, the container was sealed correctly and clean. The delivery on the product was EXCELLENT.  I did not have to wait very long before I received exactly what I ordered to my front door.  It was very convenient, honest, and free shipping was right on the money! The price of the product was EXCELLENT.  After surfing the internet for the most reasonably priced Barley Green product, yours was by far the lowest in price. In fact, it was half the price of what they are charging in the U.S. That is the main reason I purchased from you as opposed to the other competitors. The website is not exciting to look at, but it did offer the best information about the product, especially the nutritional information and the product info. as compared to the other sites.  I have already printed it out three times to prove to my family that the product is healthy and beneficial.  I also have it posted on my refrigerator to remind myself.  The only downfall that I see is that your contact information, e.g., address/phone number is not listed (or I didn't see it)   so that makes the average consumer skeptical about your legitimacy. As soon as I received the product I was hoping that I had ordered more than what I did.  I did know, however, that I could always go back and order more without problem.  I am glad that I found you. YES, please enter me in the monthly drawing because I am running out of the product fast. Celeste                      

@Comments are as followed: 1)product was good, 2)service was great 3)price was average to good  4)web site was great. Julianna

@The quality of the product is ok, but the one sold here is more refined. It is easier to dissolve and has no odor. Yours has an odor which is not terrible, but it does smell of something. Delivery time was fantastic. I got it in 3 days after you had shipped it. Price is excellent. The local product is more expensive. Website is excellent. It is very easy to access and you have responded quickly to my messages. Thanks. We shall be ordering more. Henry.

@Hello Jeff,
Your quality good
Delivery slight delay due to your credit card problem
Good price
Web site good

@Thank you for the Green Barley - gratefully received. It is very difficult to obtain in the UK and very expensive to have sent from the USA although it was offered it at trade. Your price is excellent and free postage even better. In UK I was paying 10 per 100gm plus postage, you are charging me 4.50 per 100gms delivered. The product and service is excellent, it arrived sooner than I expected. The web site was easy to manage however I would like to suggest a couple of things: As us Poms don't use Euros it would be more meaningful and eye-catching to have the price in pound sterling or a conversion table. Also I would have liked to have seen a picture of the product I was buying - I felt I was taking a risk and might end up with capsules. Also the container does not list all the minerals, vitamins and enzymes that the web sight does which can make one wonder if they have brought the right thing. However I am pleased with the purchase and would recommend it to friends. Thank you and I will buy again when I run out - unless I can afford a trip to NZ to but it myself! Deb.

@Great price, fast delivery. Thanks !!! Bob.

@Hi Jeff, The wheat grass that I bought from you was quite effective. I just recently found out that I am quite allergic to certain types of food, and I have eczema outbreaks when I eat the wrong type of food. The wheat grass seemed to be a good source of alkalizer, so that the outbreaks don't last as long and is much reduced. The price is also great compared with the wheat grass sold in health stores around here. Definitely value for money. I've already filled out the detail form to purchase another one from you. I have tried the wheat grass because I have heard that it is quite effective as a cleansing system. Regards, Brendon

@Here's a warm thank-you from your Canadian customer :) I have finally received and used the green barley I've been waiting for and let me tell you: it is AMAZING! I'm definitely hooked on your product for life! Thanks! Ania.

@Jeff, Thank you for your e-mail about the Green Barley. I have been doing fine and have only missed one day since I got it. It has seemed to help alleviate my headaches. I get a migraine once or twice a month and haven't had one since. I have had 3 slight headaches which went away that same day. That never happens! I'm attributing it to the Green Barley because that's the only thing I am doing different. Thanks again for your inquiry Karen Hollis

@Hi Jeff:  My order for barley green arrived April 28, 2003 in good condition. I tried for the first time this morning.  It seems a bit more gritty compared to Magna green which I have been using. I may have used too much.  I put 2 teaspoons with a glass of water in the blender.  It did not foam up like green Magna.  I will continue using it and evaluate.  Your web site came right up.
It's really neat to be able to order from you far away in New Zealand and have it delivered to my mail box in Northern Michigan, USA.  All without ever leaving the house.  We live in a great, shrinking world.
Best  regards. Keep Happy,  Charles Breithaupt.

@My husband ordered the green barley for me. .me and mine are the only people who will drink something that tastes like grass.lol any way, i'm consistently losing weight and my fibromyalgia doesn't bother me near as much Thank you for being affordable. Mrs. Sherri VanPelt

@Hello Jeff! I received my order today. I am extremely happy with your quick service and delivery. Thanks!
One of the containers was slightly open which caused that rich green powder to leak a bit, otherwise order was as described. The price was very reasonable. I tried my first dose shortly after receiving it and there was a noticeable energy increase noted afterwards. Your website was easy to navigate and order securely was a breeze! Sincerely,

@Thank you I have received my green barley, very quick deliver and excellent price. It is my first time using green barley and I have been pleasantly surprised it doesn't taste as bad as it looks! Caroline

@Many thanks, Jeff. Just to let you know that I've been consuming your barley green products for quite a while after trying out other similar products available in our local market. Your product is certainly among the best in terms of quality, affordability and service. Its just unbelievable that I can order your product right here and you can ship this out to me is less than 3 weeks freight free! Keep up the good work! Larry

@Dear Jeff, Wow! I checked my PO Box yesterday and was delighted to find my order of Green Barley already. From the postal dates stamped when it was sent and then again when it was received here in Jordan, I see it took only 5 days to get here! I'm thrilled, particularly since sometimes parcels don't arrive here at all! I've tried it twice since receiving it and while the taste is noticeably different than the 'Just Barley' product I was using before, it is OK.  It is rather gritty, however and I don't understand why, since it dissolves rapidly.... But I am delighted to find a source of green barley which is affordable to me and arrives so speedily. Thank you! Kind regards, Vicki

@Dear Jeff, Just a short note to let you know the three barley grass containers arrived today. Many thanks - Regards - Gerda

@Many thanks. Parcel arrived at my front door today, Monday 24th. Pleased with product packing and description. Will be placing 2 further orders shortly. R Lowe

@Thanks for your acknowledgement. I've been a regular user of your product. L B.

@What a cool website!!! Green Barley really works and I'm only 14 years old! Your price is cheaper when compared to others and the quality of the product is outstanding. Your website is easy to read and all of the information I need is right there. Thanks for the benefits I have got from your product. Vanessa.

@Hi Jeff, this is just to say thanks for the great service. To all you customers out there I forgot to put the correct street address on my order so it never arrived. I e-mailed Jeff and he contacted my by Phone that night. Once it was sorted he sent me an extra container of Barley Green for my trouble even though the mistake was mine !. Great customer support, Great product keep it up, I'll be back for more. FG Howick Auckland.

@Thanks for being so quick off the mark, I received my order in about four days - I was surprised to find such big containers as in the UK you pay 8 for a third of a container. I will be regularly ordering from your site from now on. thanks a lot. Cynthia.

@My Order arrived on the 25/05/04 in good condition, Thank you once again for your Efficient help
Best Wishes


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